Alloy Wheel Refurb

If you are after an Alloy Wheel Refurb specialist, then look no further.  Based in Kenilworth, between Leamington Spa and Coventry, we are specialist in alloy wheel refurbishments.  From kerbside scratches, pithing to full on colour change or restore to the original spec we can bring your alloys back to life.

alloy wheel refurb kenilworth
Preparing Alloys for there refurb and colour change
Alloys refurbed and drying off
Alloys refurbed and drying off
One very satisfied BMW owner...
One very satisfied BMW owner…

Alloy Wheel Refurb

Whether you have one alloy or the full set we are happy to accommodate your alloy wheel repair project. Using our state of the art, heated spray booth, we will prepare the surface of your wheels, making sure any blemishes, kerbside scratches or pithing are a thing of the past. Next, our highly skilled technicians will clean and degrease your wheels and mask off the area between the alloy wheel and black rubber tyre.

Next up a primer paint will be applied to the surface of your alloys.  Once this has dried we then apply the final top coat.

Alloy Wheel Refurb

 Why Not Change Colour For Your Alloy Wheel Refurb?

Not only can we restore your wheels to their original spec,  we can also give your tyres a total colour change. 

Actually, choosing to refurbish your alloys could turn out to be at least five times cheaper than having them replaced. The process will also be much quicker and simply easier. You will be able to choose from a range of colours tailored to suit your car, style from a basic blast cleaning to a full alloy wheel repair.

multi colour alloy wheel refurb

Give us a call today or visit our workshop in Kenilworth to discuss your alloy wheel repair or refurbishment project.  Contact Us Today…