Window Tinting

Window Tinting

In need of window tinting?  Then look no further.  Give your car or van the executive look by having your windows tinted.  The windscreen and front driver and front passenger windows must remain 70% or above transparent by law.  The rear windows can be tinted giving your vehicle the modern look with an element of privacy.

Here is the light transmission % of each window tint.

Clear – The clear glass on your vehicle should transmit 70% of light to pass through it.

Light Smoke – 50% of light transmission

Smoke – 35% of light pass through it

Midnight – 20% of light transmission

Limousine Black – Just 5% of light transmission


window tinting

If your vehicle doesn’t have factory fitted window tinting,  your next best option would be to have after market window tints.  By law in the UK the windscreen and front passenger and drivers side windows must allow light to pass through at a minimum of 70%.  This is to allow drivers a good clear view of the road ahead and towards the sides.  

Also known as privacy glass a thin film layer is meticulously applied to your car windows reducing harmful UV rays by upto 99%.  

Some benefits of our professionally applied car window tinting include:

  • Can be used on all types of cars or vans
  • Reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99%
  • Window tinting keeps the car cooler in the summer months
  • Shades the children and pets
  • Increases safety glass protection
  • Window tinting aids security and privacy 
  • Reduces head beam glare making driving more comfortable
  • Reduces fade of your vehicles interior

Don’t be fooled by buying window tinting “do it yourself” kits.  You can normally tell these installs by the amount of creases and air pockets which have built up between the glass and film.  Our highly skilled technicians will window tint your car in our workshop, professionally, pain-staking methodically, giving your car the showroom appeal.  

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